Op-ed Euractiv

Op-ed Euractiv

— 7 March 2023

Thought leadership alert!


As you know, we are an opinionated agency. We want the EU to go in a more sustainable direction and find clients that want to go there with us.

Therefore, we are happy to let you know that our colleague Leon de Graaf published an op-ed by Euractiv on 4 March 2023. In the op-ed, which can be found here, we argue why it’s unavoidable for Europe to open new, sustainable-managed mines with high Critical Raw Materials deposits in order to help reach the EU’s 2030 climate goals.

First things first: If Europe doesn’t need to open up a new mine, then we think it shouldn’t, as nature should be left intact as much as possible.

In addition to that, there should be some sort of “CRM efficiency first principle” that would favor solutions that do not need CRMs, and failing that we should have recycling of CRMs like the REEMAP project of Swedish mining group LKAB.

But even with that, as the op-ed explains, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to reach the EU’s climate goals for the next 15 years by only importing, recycling and preventing the use of CRMs.

We need to get these CRMs to fight what we see as the single most important threat to humanity: Greenhouse gas emissions.

So if that means opening up a new mine in Europe, then it should be done where sustainable frontrunners set the norm. This is where one of the frontrunners that we work with, namely the LKAB, takes the lead by setting a global standard for sustainable underground mining (more info here).

We hope you enjoy the Euractiv op-ed!

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