Our call for a 2040 climate-neutral EU

Our call for a 2040 climate-neutral EU

— 13 September 2023

What we achieve in this life, echoes in eternity!


On 20 June 2023 we at #SustainablePublicAffairs submitted our views to the European Commission’s public consultation on defining the EU’s 2040 climate target. Apart from being a purpose-driven PA agency, we are also a relatively young team (average 30 years old) that believes there is still a chance to fight for our future to stay within the IPCCs 1.5 degrees scenario with a limited overshoot.
For reasons we explain in our vision paper, we think 2040 should be the year by which the EU strives to reach climate neutrality (net-zero GHG emissions). And by 2050, the EU should have become a carbon sink for the rest of the world by having found ways to reach deep levels of negative GHG emissions. This is in line with remarks made by the United Nations Secretary General in March 2023, who called upon developed countries to commit to reaching net-zero as close as possible to 2040. It is also in line with the IPCC’s AR6 Synthesis Report and last week’s advice from the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change when taking into account more fairness/ethical principles.

You will find more details about our logic in our 5-page vision paper. Of course, a target is not realistic without a credible pathway. We therefore also give our vision on what should be achieved under the key EU policies that we focus on in our six practices.

Our submission: https://lnkd.in/e6GvzHrV

We lobby for climate positive impacts and we also operate climate positively.

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