Our Expertise.

Our Expertise.

Specialised in sustainability, #SustainablePublicAffairs takes a deep dive into any legislation and policy that touches on sustainability. We have centers of expertise on agri-food, circular economy, build environment, sustainable finance, hard to abate sectors, renewable energy, energy storage, grids, sustainable mobility, etc.

But it goes further – it also helps to navigate a changing environment and knows how to set agendas, building the drumbeat for sustainability.


• EU sustainable food system
• Sustainable / nutritional labelling
• Sustainable plant protection products
• Carbon Farming
• Sustainable Chemicals Strategy

Build back better

• Energy efficiency of buildings
• Renewable energy
• Sustainable Cities
• Digitalisation of the EU built environment
• Sustainable construction materials

Circular economy

• Sustainable products
• Green claims
• Materials (e.g. secondary raw materials)
• Waste management & shipments
• Sustainable Carbon Cycles

Sustainable finance

• EU Sustainable Taxonomy
• ESG Reporting and Disclosures
• Sustainable Banking and Venture Capital
• Sustainability Due Diligence
• Sustainable Corporate Governance

Climate & energy

• Carbon markets (e.g. EU ETS and CBAM)
• Critical raw materials
• Hydrogen-based technologies
• Investment, permitting and state aid

Sustainable mobility

• Decarbonisation of transport
• Renewable electricity in transport
• Charging infrastructure
• Carbon pricing for road transport
• Batteries and energy storage

We Offer…

• Strategic advice on public affairs
• Advice on content of legislation
• Setting up campaigns
• Mapping key stakeholders and influencers
• Creation / management of coalitions
• Representation of clients
• Setting up certified climate-neutral events
• Association management
• Creating outreach programmes
• Co-creation of narratives

• Working with (social) media
• Writing position papers
• Strategic Communications
• Intergenerational dialogues
• Helping to secure financing
• Devising sustainability strategies
• Building political capital
• Carbon neutral event management
• Review / draft Innovation Fund applications
• Draft Information Memoranda Art. 9 funds

We lobby for climate positive impacts and we also operate climate positively.

To maximize resource efficiency and ensure data minimalization, #SustainablePublicAffairs only works in black and white and does not use pictures. Our website is hosted by Infomaniak Green Hosting.

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